Michel Mayer
Michaela Mayer-Lee



Founded in 1996, Vienna-based label MICHEL MAYER stands for innovative and conceptual fashion. Its founder, Michaela Mayer, has been exploring the interaction between the human body and design for several years, resulting in numerous collections and collaborations. Her unique approach to design has been successfully showcased in international festivals, exhibitions and workshops in the fields of fashion, art and design.

Aside from developing her own collections, Michaela Mayer has also worked as a freelance designer for international brands, such as Berghaus and Palmers (lingerie), and has created costumes for dance festivals and theater. In 2001 the first MICHEL MAYER shop opened in the heart of Vienna. The aim of the brand is clear: to create and produce unique, versatile yet elegant clothes; that fulfill the highest demands of quality and design – this can only be guaranteed by having the design and production process in house - in the studio, adjacent to the shop.

The fashion label, Michel Mayer, conveys the ability to concentrate on the essential to be a luxury. Simple and abstract forms are brought into harmonious relationships with the human body. Fundamental to the design process are draping techniques which become visible in new shapes and lines. Next to the running, ready-to-wear and evening collections, Michel Mayer established its bridal collection in 2012, which has been showcased in several fairs and exhibitions. Michel Mayer design is now available in the headquarters in Vienna as well as in select boutiques all over the world.

Since 2014 Monica Ferrari-Krieger, originally from Switzerland, joined the Michel Mayer team. As a freelance designer with her own label *Monica Ferrari“ she has been working for several designers and developing theatre projects. In cooperation with the label Michel Mayer she is specialized in pattern making and developing prototypes.


Michaela Mayer-Lee und Monica Ferrari-Krieger